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HIA-LI Wellness Challenge Rules

Activity Selection and Recording Rules

  During the 9 weeks of a Challenge, a participant will make an Activity choice at the beginning of each week on Monday or Tuesday.
  Then later he/she will assess and confirm the accomplishment of this Activity at the end of that week on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  Additionally, the participant will assess the continuation of prior weeks' activities as well.
  Thus he/she will accumulate Points. At the conclusion of the Challenge his total Score will be calculated and shown as a graph.

Privacy Rules

HIA-LI will not share any email addresses with outside parties and no private information will be shared with Human Resources. Only aggregate unidentified information will be accessible.

Join Our Wellness Challenge

Join our HIA-LI Wellness Challenge for a personal journey as we climb together to a new level of wellness.

Employee Registration

Employees of any member company of HIA-LI (Hauppauge Industrial Association) will be able to participate by submitting our Wellness Challenge Registration form. They will indicate their "Company Name" in this form. Thus the company will be able to see their employees' participation and progress. This access will be subject to rules on our Rules Page.
Email addresses and other personal information will be kept confidential to be strictly observed and managed by HIA-LI.

Company Registration

A manager of any member company of HIA-LI (Hauppauge Industrial Association) will be able to register as their company representative in the Wellness Challenge by calling the HIA-LI office. Thus their employees will be able to participate. The managers' access will be subject to the Challenge Rules on our Rules Page.

Healthy Nutrition

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