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This website was created by Oguz Alpoge, VP Next Information Systems, for the Wellness Challenge of the HIA-LI Healthcare Committee.

Dr. Joseph Criscuoli, PhD, Mona Gulino, FNP, Changing Lifestyle, Co-Directors

As co-directors of Changing Lifestyle, a non-profit counseling organization, we look forward to your success as you move through your Wellness Challenge. As members of the HIA Wellness Committee, we are here to help with any portion of the challenge designed to promote your emotional well-being. Changing Lifestyle has developed its’ reputation as a leader in mental health counseling (individual and group) and behavior modification programs in panic, anxiety and stress reduction, sleep disorders, pain management, smoke cessation and weight management. Being committed to your success we welcome your questions, dialogue, and or concerns to truly bring lasting wellness to your life. Now that’s the sort of Wellness Challenge we’re looking for!

Dr. Matthew Lewis, One With Dr. Matt

As the HIA-LI Health Care Committee Co-Chair, it is my honor to support your goal to lead a more healthy and fit lifestyle. As a member of the HIA-LI’s Wellness Team, I am here to answer your Natural Health Care related questions and provide you with professional advice to reduce your symptoms and help you succeed. As the founder of One With Dr. Matt, I work with people every day to help prevent disease, overcome digestive problems, eliminate pain and increase energy. Outside of my time with patients, much of my time is spent empowering employees through a three part “lunch and learn series” called “Increase Your Energy by 300%”. This program is offered through the Foundation for Wellness Professionals to your company at no cost!

Christina Fuchs, MS, RD, CDN, First Line Nutrition

Being a registered dietitian means I have food on my mind a lot, so as a member of the HIA wellness team I developed nutrition activities for this wellness challenge. I am happy to provide support, resources, and trustworthy answers to your food and nutrition questions as you enhance and increase your repertoire of healthy foods, that taste good. Since the number one reason to eat healthy food is because it tastes good. As the nutritionist at First Line Nutrition in Port Washington I counsel individuals, as well as provide interactive workshops, cooking demonstrations, weight loss programs or telephonic coaching for employee groups. My experience with many worksites has taught me that when you find support at work for your wellness goals it is a winning situation. So congratulations on taking the challenge and be well!

Susan Eisner, Visionary Health Solutions, President

As a Health Educator and member of the HIA Wellness Committee, I look forward to supporting your efforts to improve your psychological and emotional health. I’ll help you manage your stress, turn down the chatter in your mind, spend quality time alone and with others, and have fun and enjoy your life more. Most importantly, if you try but can’t make the behavioral changes in this Wellness Challenge, I’ll help you identify what’s blocking you, and help you move beyond your personal “stuck points.” At Visionary Health Solutions, I lead wellness and personal development seminars for health care and non-medical organizations on Stress Management, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques, Anger Management, Impaired Health Professionals, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Fatigue, Conscious Communication, Disruptive Behavior, and 12-Step Programs. I do one-to-one and group Visionary Leadership Coaching for individuals and companies to help you improve professional performance, enhance relationships, change negative behaviors, and more. And I’m an Anger Management Professional and Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor.
www.VisionaryHealthSolutions.com, Blog: www.susaneisner.typepad.com
Email: susaneisner@visionaryhealthsolutions.com, Phone: (631) 269-7048

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